Burgers, Dogs & Bounce Houses…Oh My!

I recently ran across a food vendor at a craft show that had an unusual way to draw in a crowd to his food truck.

It was a craft show in a small rural town outside of Orlando Fl. and his setup was on the outer edge of the event(an open field), leaving him plenty of room to add extras without interfering with other vendors, but he took the lions share of the food business from this ingenious trick.

He setup his truck, added 4 10×10 canopies and a rented bounce house from Orlando to the mix. I was there about 4 hours sampling food for ideas and the guy was backed up the entire time.

He was selling nothing but average burgers and hot dogs and probably done well over 2 k while I was there. It’s really amazing how a small amount of creativity can blast your business and revenues right out of the atmosphere.

This was an incredible eye opener for myself as a business owner and something we should all pay attention to. The parents had a break, the kids were busy, everyone had a good time and he made some serious bank doing it.

Cudo’s to him for such a brilliant idea.

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best hot dog brands

Best Two Hot Dog Brands

Hot Dogs are the black sheep of the culinary world in a lot of ways. There are many who feel that hot dogs are only a step above bologna. However, there are others who believe that hot dogs are a wonderful blank slate that offer infinite possibilities. There are some brands that are far better than others. Here are two of the best brands of hot dogs on the market.

Hebrew National

Hebrew National is known to most people as simply being a kosher brand of hot dogs. However, Hebrew National is also well known for a full beef flavor. This is a valuable commodity among hot dogs because you know exactly where the hot dog came from and what is in it instead of having to guess whether or not the hot dog is just a random assortment of parts.


For some, the Nathan’s brand is the king daddy of all hot dogs. Nathan’s carries a sophisticated, iconic flavor. On top of that Nathan’s has the highly coveted snap of a natural hot dog casing. Nathan’s is so good that they are the hosts of the yearly hot dog eating competition you always hear about. A word of warning though, for ketchup enthusiasts: Nathan’s strongly discourages using ketchup on their hot dogs. However, rules were made to be broken.

Remember that these two brands are not the only ones that offer an excellent hot dog experience. They are simply the most prominent. It is easy to make a hot dog eating experience enjoyable. It all boils down to the quality of the dog as well as the toppings you prefer to put on it.

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